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Docking Institute of Public Affairs is an independent nonpartisan research center. We are not affiliated with the Davis/Docking campaign for governor/lieutenant governor. We receive no financial support from any political organization.

Services of the Docking Institute

  Scientific survey methods to accurately assess opinions about the quality of your agency's programs and services
  Accurate documentation of quality and available of labor in your area to ensure your community's economic well-being
  Determine housing needs and trends, and apply scarce public funds in an efficient and effective manner
  An analytical approach to access and quantify the measurable public costs and benefits of a specific project, business or policy
  Provides tangible documentation to a programs effectiveness - critical to receive or maintain funding
  Process designed to help leaders make effective choices to prioritize scarce resources
  Develop a customized strategy for proposed submission based on the needs

Available Labor Studies YouTube Video (click below):

Strategic Planning YouTube Video (click below):