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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate represents the faculty of FHSU in participating in the governance of the University.

It is advisory to the president of the University and, as such, provides for representative participation of the faculty as interested partners in decision making and the effective management of the vital affairs affecting campus personnel. Along with that, the faculty senate president attends monthly Kansas Board of Regents meetings and senate members serve with their counterparts from other Regents schools on KBOR committees.

It cooperates with the Student Senate in promoting conditions for effective learning and fair treatment of the students; actions of the Student Senate may be reviewed by the Faculty Senate at the request of the president of the University or any member of the Faculty Senate. It cooperates with the Alumni Association and University Support Staff Senate to achieve common goals and objectives. It cooperates with the surrounding geographic community to promote the collective interests of FHSU.

Faculty Evaluation Process

Faculty Evaluation Forum - November 11, 2015:


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