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18-19 Professional Judgment (Special Circumstances)

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Professional Judgment (Special Circumstances)

The Office of Student Financial Assistance at Fort Hays State University recognizes that there may be circumstances when the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) does not accurately reflect a family's current financial situation. Professional judgment is the ability to change a student's financial assistance based on unusual circumstances. For examples of the different circumstances please see below.

  • Decrease in student/spouse income or parent income since 2016
  • Death of student's parent or spouse
  • Received one-time income distribution
  • Legal Fees
  • Loss of benefit
  • A family maintains two households because of employment changes
  • Excessive paid medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • Parent enrolled at least half time in a post-secondary school
  • Dependent care costs
  • Educational loan repayment
  • IRA or Pension Rollover

Required Documentation for all Professional Judgment Requests

All Professional Judgment Requests must include the following documents. Additional documents may be required depending upon the type of circumstance for which you are requesting professional judgment review. Please review the Professional Judgment Request Form for additional documents required. Include student's name and social security or FHSU ID number on the top of each page submitted.

  1. Professional Judgment Request Form
  2. Letter of Explanation - Write a detailed description of the special circumstances that affect your financial situation.
  3. Verification - We will review your request once we receive your Professional Judgment worksheet. If you have not previously completed the verification process for 18-19, you will be required to provide additional verification documents. Please watch your TigerTracks account for the submit verification documents link, which will direct you to our verification website Campus Logic. Once you have created your account you will be directed to fill out or upload your required documents.
  4. Additional Documents Specific to your Special Circumstance - see the Professional Judgment Request Form for additional documents you may need to submit.
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