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The Departmental (or Non-Workstudy) Job Program includes on-campus jobs that are not subsidized by Federal Workstudy funds. Students do not need to demonstrate financial need to work in a departmental job.

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 Eligibility Requirements for a Departmental Job

Graduate or undergraduate students who are enrolled in six or more credit hours per fall/spring semester, are eligible for departmental jobs. Enrollment during the summer semester is not required to work in the Departmental Job Program during the summer as long as the student was enrolled in at least six credit hours during the preceding spring semester or is pre-enrolled in at least six credit hours for the following fall semester.  Please note that students who are working during the summer but not enrolled in classes are subject to FICA withholdings.

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Finding a Departmental Job

All departmental jobs are listed on JobX, which you may access through TigerTracks.  You can sign up to receive Job Mail so you will be notified when jobs in your areas of interest become available. Some of the employers will have online applications you may complete and submit electronically.  Others will request that you contact them directly by telephone or in person to complete a paper application and/or to schedule an interview.  Make sure you keep track of the applications you have submitted for follow-up purposes.

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 Paperwork & Paychecks

Once you have been hired, you must complete employment paperwork in the Student Employment Office (SEO), 207A Picken Hall.  For payroll purposes, the substance abuse policy statement, loyalty oath, W-4 form, K-4 form, I-9 form, and payroll direct deposit form must be completed as soon as possible.  Federal law requires this paperwork must be completed before you begin employment in order to be paid.  You will need to bring the following personal documents to determine employment eligibility:

  • social security card or state-issued birth certificate;
  • photo ID such as driver's license or Tiger card;
  • U.S. passport, when applicable.

To establish payroll direct deposit, you will need to provide a voided check from your checkbook or your bank account card (not debit or Tiger Card).

After you have completed all the necessary paperwork in the SEO, you will be set up on the student payroll system. Effective June 8, 2014, the student employment wage is $8.25 per hour. Paydays are every other Friday. FHSU uses EFT (electronic fund transfer) as the payroll distribution process. Your earnings are deposited to the bank account of your choice. You may complete a direct deposit form (voided check required) at the SEO to establish your direct deposit. Your pay advice will be mailed to your local address, so you will want to be sure to keep this address current in TigerTracks.

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 Request to be Added to Workstudy Waiting List

If you were not originally awarded Federal Workstudy, you may submit a request to determine your eligibility for workstudy by completing a Federal Workstudy Request Form. You must have submitted a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have demonstrated financial need. Students who are eligible for workstudy will be awarded from the waiting list as funding and positions become available.

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