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Once your child has been awarded funding through grants, loans or scholarships, it is essential that they follow through with the required steps to secure and maintain funding.

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Accept Award Letters through TigerTracks

TigerTracks is FHSU’s one-stop shop for personalized access to campus web services. Its features include TigerTracks Webmail, Financial Aid Information, Blackboard, Transcript, Grades, Semester Schedule, Announcements and more. Your child will be set up with a TigerTracks account when they attend pre-enrollment.

Our office uses TigerTracks to communicate your child’s financial aid award letter, financial aid documents, loan history and personal messages from our office. It is essential that your child review and promptly respond to all notifications to secure funding. Visit our “View Your Status” information page for a link to the TigerTracks portal.

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Respond Promptly to Requests for Additional Information

Sometimes additional information is required in order to process financial aid applications. It is essential that you and your child respond promptly to any requests for further documentation. While we strive to maintain contact with each student, it is your child’s responsibility and very important to make sure that all documents are accurate, complete and submitted in a timely manner.

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Complete Loan Entrance Counseling

Before we can disburse Federal Stafford Loans (subsidized or unsubsidized), regulations require that your child complete an entrance counseling session. The counseling session provides information about how to manage student loans, both during and after college. This counseling is available online. Visit our “Federal Direct Loans” information page for additional information.

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Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress

It is essential that your child adhere to the eligibility requirements for each type of aid they receive. If they are receiving federal student aid, it is essential that they maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress while working toward a degree or certificate. Visit our Satisfactory Academic Progress information page to learn more about this important requirement.

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Adhere to Credit Load Requirements

It is also important that your child maintain credit load requirements for the aid sources they are offered. Different types of financial aid require that they be enrolled in a specific number of hours before being eligible to receive that award. Visit our General Eligibility page for specific information on Credit Load Requirements.

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Comply with Scholarship Requirements

Scholarships often include additional requirements related to maintaining a minimum grade point average, performing community service, etc. Be sure your child understands the specific requirements for each scholarship they receive.

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