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Applying for Aid

Financial Assistance Office

Not sure where to start? The process of Applying for Aid can be frustrating or confusing if you do not know where to begin. To help you through this process, consider using our Financial Aid Application Checklists. We have one checklist for new students and one checklist for continuing students.

"Overview of Financial Aid Process" Video from the Department of Education


Financial Aid Presentations
View presentations made by the FHSU Financial Assistance Office for high school seniors and parents about the financial aid process.

General Eligibility for Financial Aid
Learn more about the criteria you must meet in order to be eligible for federal financial aid at FHSU.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine your eligibility for federal financial aid. The FHSU Priority Deadline is March 1.

College & Tuition Costs
Find information about FHSU's current tuition and fees and tools to help you estimate your total cost of attendance, including room and board, personal expenses, etc.

You may be selected for Verification during your financial aid application process. Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Verification process.

Helpful Resources
Use this list of outside resources to find additional information about applying for financial aid.

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