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Student Financial Aid Implications for Dropping/Withdrawing From a Course

Dropping or withdrawing from a courses can affect your financial aid! While you are a student first and foremost and should do what is best for you academically, your aid may change if you drop/withdraw from a course. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions related to dropping/withdrawing from a course.

What is a "drop"?
Any course that is removed prior to becoming part of your official transcript is considered a dropped course.

What is a "withdraw"?
Courses that are removed after becoming part of your official transcript are considered a withdraw.

Will I have to repay my financial aid if I drop/withdraw from a course?
In some instances, you may have to repay a portion of the financial aid that was disbursed to you. For Pell Grant recipients, you must participate in the course to prevent repayment. After dropping the course, the financial aid office will obtain confirmation of participation from your instructor and determine if you must return any of your Pell Grant. Other financial aid may be recalculated as well.

How does non-participation affect Direct Loans?
All financial assistance is earned as a student demonstrates participation in their courses. Unlike Pell Grants, Direct Loans are not immediately recalculated during the term unless a student fully drops or withdraws with no participation. However, if participation cannot be documented at the end of the term, recalculation of loan eligibility and immediate repayment of unearned loans will occur.

What happens if I drop and add another course?
If you must drop a course and add another course to your schedule, it is best for you to do this all in the same day. This is called a "swap." Swapping courses prevents your enrollment level from decreasing and having financial aid recalculated. It also prevents the dropped courses from being included in the calculation of pace for the Satisfactory Academic Progress calculation.

I have not officially dropped or withdrawn but have not participated in a course during the term. What's going to happen when my instructor reports that I have not participated?
Non participation in a course reported by an instructor will result in repayment of all or a portion of a Pell Grant. For example, if you enroll in 12 undergraduate hours and it's reported that you have not participated in two courses, your enrollment level will drop from full-time (12 hours) to half-time (6 hours) generating a Pell recalculation. Generally, you will owe the difference between the full-time Pell Grant amount and the half-time Pell Grant amount.

Will I be eligible for future financial aid if I drop/withdraw from a course?
The effect of dropping/withdrawing from courses on financial aid eligibility is covered by the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. For more information on the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy, click here.

What is the drop/withdraw period?
The drop/withdraw dates can be found here.

Will I get a refund of the tuition for the course that is dropped/withdrawn?
Tuition refunds for courses are processed according to the refund schedule. Refunds will be determined for students receiving financial aid after financial aid repayments are calculated. For more information on refunds for tuition, contact Student Fiscal Services.

Is this a new policy rule or regulation?
No. FHSU has been monitoring student attendance for many years. What has changed is the methods by which the information is collected during the drop/withdrawal process and the extra emphasis placed on Pell Grant recipients who do not participate.

How will my instructors report participation?
As part of the new Tiger Tracks drop or withdrawal functionality, instructors will report a last date of participation using their academic records. Instructors can also report non-participation directly to the Financial Assistance Office outside of Tiger Tracks. Finally, instructors who report a failing grade at the end of the term, must report a last day of attendance at that time. Pell Grant recalculations will take place as the information is received from instructors.

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