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As a parent or guardian of a student entering college, you can play a helpful role in navigating the financial aid application process. Knowing the resources available to help pay for post-secondary expenses and the steps of the financial aid application process are keys to a smooth process.

Getting Started

Learn about the factors considered in determining your student's federal aid award. You can also learn about the types of financial aid that your child may be eligible for and the how to complete necessary steps to meet requirements for various types of aid. Help with estimating the various costs associated with college is also available.
Financial Aid Basics | College and Living Expenses | FAQs | Key Terms & Phrases | Financial Aid Presentations

Applying for Aid

In order to qualify for financial aid, your student must apply! Many programs have limited funding, so it is extremely important to apply early. Parents of dependent students may qualify for a Parent PLUS Loan to help pay for college expenses. Checklists are also available to keep your process of applying for aid organized.
General Eligibility | Financial Aid Policies | FAFSA Information | Parent PLUS Loans | Why Parents Must Supply Income and Asset Information | New Student Checklist

Important Follow-Up Steps, Dates, Deadlines

Help your student complete the necessary steps to meet requirements of the various types of aid. Meeting deadlines are key for your student to receive consideration for aid programs with limited funds and to receive aid before the start of the semester.
Follow-Up steps Your Student Must Complete to Receive Financial Aid Funds | Financial Aid Dates and Deadlines

Student Financial Responsibility

Financial decisions made during college can have a lasting impact on your student. These resources can help your student make informed choices about finances.
Student Financial Responsibility | Simple Steps to Complete | Tips, Tools, Resources | Basics of Charges, Payments & Refunds | Managing and Maintaining Good Credit

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