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GTA Positions

The Department of History offers a number of Graduate Teaching Assistantships on a competitive basis. The position carries a tuition waiver and a stipend. The average expected workload is equivalent to 20 hours per week for full-time appointments, and 10 hours per week for half-time.

The Teaching Assistants must meet the following academic criteria to retain the position: The student must earn 12 hours of graduate-level credit listed on the student's Plan of Study during the Fall and Spring semesters combined. The student must also maintain a 3.0 GPA and earn no grade of C or below for courses included on the Plan of Study. Lastly, the student must meet the responsibilities and duties that come with the job.

Duties of the Teaching Assistant include: Attending all lectures presented by the instructor responsible for the course unless excused by the instructor, grading exams, conducting discussions, taking attendance, maintaining office hours, and fulfilling any teaching-related duties established by the course instructor. The GTA will also be required to attend all meetings established by the course instructor to discuss teaching techniques, subject matter, and grading standards.

It is also the responsibility of the GTA to attend all meetings mandated by the History Department for the purpose of preparing Teaching Assistants for their duties. The GTA must also attend all meetings mandated by the History Department.

Lastly, the GTA must request approval from the instructor for any absence from graduate teaching responsibilities and abide by all university, college, and departmental regulation concerning proper conduct, sexual harassment, academic misconduct, and other matters.

Teaching Assistants may at very specific times, may be used as research assistants. Faculty must make this request to the Chair of the Department of History in writing.

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