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Graduate Programs in History

Considering pursuing a graduate degree in History? At Fort Hays State University (Hays, KS), you can earn a master's degree from a highly respected program with its roots firmly set in a rich historical landscape. There are paid Graduate Teaching Assistantships available, and a master's in History is excellent preparation for Ph.D. work or a wide variety of careers. Participate in seminars and complete hands-on work for research papers as well as an apprenticeship in the program. You also have opportunities to present your research at professional history conferences and submit your research for publication. Find out more about our graduate students' research. Tell us a bit about yourself, and we'll send you more information on how to apply.

M.A. History

An M.A. in History will provide you the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in academia, a Ph.D. program, or for a career outside of academia in government, private corporations, the law, and the media.
Master of Arts in History with Thesis (On-Campus only)
Master of Arts in History without Thesis (On-Campus or Online)

M.A. Public History

An M.A. in Public History prepares you for a career in museums, archives, and cultural resource management agencies.
Master of Arts in Public History with Thesis (On-Campus only)
Master of Arts in Public History without Thesis (On-Campus or Online)

Both programs have thesis and non-thesis options. Thesis degree-seekers will write a thesis exploring their historical field of interest while non-thesis degree-seekers will take six additional hours of classes. Know which program you want to pursue? Tell us a bit about yourself and we'll send you an application packet that will explain more about each program's requirements.

Four Reasons to Get Your Master's in History at FHSU

1) Historical Breadth Meets Advanced Academics
FHSU resides in the middle of a rich, historical landscape that combines frontier roots and a pioneering spirit with unrivaled academic innovation.

While you're free to focus research in your area of historical interest, our program provides research opportunities for:

  • Western History
  • Agriculture and Rural Studies
  • European History
  • History of Science and Technology
  • World History
  • Local History

You'll only be bound by your thirst for scholarship. Just take a look at a few recent thesis topics:

  • "Weighted Scales: American Newspaper Coverage of the Trial of the Major War Criminals at Nuremberg"
  • "African American Activists: The Pioneer Politicians of Nicodemus, Kansas, 1877 - 1880"
  • "Path to Glory: Women on Indian Missions in Kansas, 1824 - 1870"
  • "A History of Select Businesses in the Historic Chestnut Street District of Downtown Hays, Kansas"
  • "'Wash Your Cows to Remove Radioactive Fallout': Government Efforts to Prepare the Rural Population of the United States for a Nuclear Attack"
  • "The Southern Flank: Successes and Failures of Eisenhower Administration Anti-Communist Policy in Iraq and Iran"

Do you have a historical topic you're burning to explore? Tell us a bit about yourself, and we'll help you get started!

2) Graduate Teaching Assistantships are Available

Your graduate school experience will not only expand your knowledge in a field of study, but you will also develop skills that will make you more marketable upon graduation.

The Department of History at FHSU has multiple Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs) available. If you're selected to be a GTA, you'll enjoy:

  • Nine hours of graduate tuition assistance
  • Salary
  • Teaching opportunities
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Other support including office space, student groups, professional development, and conference funding.

3) High Quality, Highly Respected Master's Program

Unlike some other programs, FHSU's high-quality masters program in History will expose you to the breadth of American, European and World History. You'll acquire keen research, writing, and editing skills while pursuing your historical area of interest.

4) Career & Ph.D. Preparation
Upon graduation you'll be ready to apply those skills to a wide range of careers in education, government, and the private sector. We also have a high placement rate into Ph.D. programs for those that choose to follow an academic path. In addition to entering Ph.D. programs, recent FHSU history master's graduates are enjoying careers as:

  • Kansas City Royals Hall of Fame Assistant
  • Professor of History
  • Author
  • Curator at a Historical Society
  • High School Principal
  • Independent Researcher
  • Private Consultant
  • Army Officer
  • Lawyer

Learn more about admissions requirements or the Graduate Teaching Assistantships available for qualified students through the Department of History. Feel free to contact us if you would like additional information, and be sure to visit the Graduate School for general information about graduate studies at Fort Hays State University.

Below, tell us a bit about yourself and we'll send you a Graduate School information packet-the first step to finding a rewarding career in History.

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