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Accessing KBOR 403(b) Funds | Benefits following retirement

Accessing KBOR 403(b) Funds

For the KBOR Mandatory Retirement Plan, access to funds is only available when the participant has completely separated from service from all state universities and/or KBOR office or when the participant is under a Phased Retirement Agreement. A Bona Fide Separation from Service is required in order for a participant to access the Mandatory Plan funds.

For the KBOR Voluntary Retirement Plan, participants may access funds after separation from service, at or after age 59 ½, when disability status is attained or for an approved hardship or loan.

The Kansas Board of Regents 403(b) plan is using Planwithease (PWE) to help administer the Retirement Program. PWE is a plan administration service which will act on behalf of the KBOR Retirement Program to review and approve distribution requests that are allowed under the KBOR Plans for approved providers. PWE also offers account information and educational materials.

If your information is not in PWE or your funds are with a non-approved provider, please contact the FHSU Human Resource Office. You will need to complete the appropriate form below and provide it to the Human Resource Office:


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