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Equal Employment Opportunity

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Administration of the Program

The President of FHSU is ultimately responsible for the university's Equal Employment Opportunity Program (hereinafter "the program").

The EEO Officer will implement and monitor the program and work to ensure that all matters relating to employment of faculty and staff are in compliance with the program.

If a conflict of interest arises involving the EEO Officer, the President will select a person to fill the role on an interim basis.

The EEO Officer's responsibilities include:

  • Administering the program and providing assistance to all levels of management in all departments and units in carrying out the provisions of the program.
  • Serving as a liaison between the university and enforcement agencies, minority and women's organizations, and community action groups concerned with employment opportunities for minorities, women, disabled persons, veterans and all other protected classes.
  • Updating the program as necessary to comply with changes in applicable laws and regulations.
  • Auditing of hiring and promotion patterns to set appropriate goals and to ensure that the goals and objectives of the program are met.
  • Monitoring job searches for compliance with internal policies, external laws and regulations and the overall goals of Equal Employment Opportunity.
  • Maintaining audit and reporting systems that will identify deficiencies in hiring, promotion and salary payment practices.
  • Making recommendations to remedy any such deficiencies in hiring, promotion and salary payment practices.
  • Compiling and distributing periodic reports on the status of the university's employment of minorities, women, disabled persons and veterans.
  • Receiving, investigating and resolving complaints regarding employment discrimination and harassment. Such resolutions may include mediation, no action or recommending disciplinary action.
  • Disseminating information concerning the university's Equal Employment Opportunity Program policies, and compliance with laws and regulations pertaining to equal employment and harassment.
  • Developing and implementing training programs regarding the prevention of harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Such training is mandatory for all new employees with an appointment of .5 FTE or greater, except for student employees and anyone who is to be employed for six months or less. The training will be conducted at the time of the initial meeting between the new employee and a representative of the Human Resource Office. Periodic training refreshers will be provided to all current employees on a regular basis.
  • Developing a written EEO plan which complies with requirements established by the Office for Federal Compliance Programs (OFCCP).
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