Information Enterprise Institute

Online Resources

  • National Security Agency - Central Security Service
    (a governmental website that gives you an overview on IA and ongoing IA research projects.)
  • Information Assurance Support Environment
    (provides all kinds info. related to IA, including IA tools such as HBSS, Autoberry, USB Detect, and etc., computer network defense, cross domain solutions, IA trusted products/common criteria, and many more. However, it requires some kind of personal digital certificate to access some of its resources. I was unable to access some of them. A defense mechanism from hackers? )
  • DataPath
    (which is a global leader in creating satellite-based network solutions that solve the toughest communications challenges. It specializes in enabling complex, high-bandwidth communications networks that are critical to the operations of military, civilian government and commercial organizations. From the company website, we can see the trend in the development of IA, the newest technologies, and application of IA in the real-world.)
    (a web blog for people to discuss issues of IA related and other network security issues.)
  • The Defense Information Systems Agency
    (it provides real time IT and communications support to the President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense, the military services, and the combatant commands.)

Technology Tools and Toolkits

Wireless Sniffers

To look up MAC address

Cables for cell phone forensics

Software for Steganography

Forsyth Library Online Database Resources


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