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Justice Studies at FHSU: Real World Criminal Justice Experience

Our curriculum combines classroom theory and real world practice. By offering experiential learning opportunities, we prepare students for the exciting challenges they’ll face in the criminal justice field.

Learn Defensive Tactics
Defensive tactics help you protect yourself and others when you confront a suspect or criminal. The department offers several opportunities to learn more about defensive tactics, from courses to a student organization that meets on a weekly basis. No matter what your field of justice studies is, gaining experience with these techniques can teach you how to keep yourself—and others—safe, and help you become a more efficient criminal justice professional.

Contact Mr. Kenton Russell for more information about your current options.

Gain a World Perspective
In our global society, it’s increasingly important to develop an understanding of other cultures and their ideas about justice. At FHSU, the Department of Justice Studies coordinates trips to other countries through EF Tours. Students have visited places like Italy and Costa Rica, learned about how the countries punish criminals, and toured local prisons.

Deepen Your Understanding of Criminal Justice Issues
Justice Studies majors must complete the Advanced Seminar in Justice Studies before graduating. Under the guidance of a faculty member, you and fellow students will research and debate current issues in criminal justice. In this class, you’ll learn to see more than one side of an issue. This strengthening of your critical thinking skills pays off as you pursue your criminal justice career—you’ll be more capable of understanding complex situations and issues.

Gain Experience Through a Criminal Justice Internship
Many of our students want to gain experience in a legal or law enforcement setting. Seeing justice in action gives you valuable insight into your future career and your responsibility as a citizen. Our faculty will help you find an internship that fits your interests.

Recently, students have interned with the following organizations:

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