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Academic Success Programs
Individual Academic Counseling

College work isn't supposed to be easy. It's challenging, demanding and sometimes may seem difficult to manage. That's why we are here to help. Through our academic counseling services you can get individualized information and help with study skills and strategies, college-level textbook reading, note-taking, time management, test anxiety and test preparation.

Our counselors provide confidential one-on-one sessions to help you learn ways to overcome academic stumbling blocks. The information you share with your counselor will not be discussed with anyone except other Kelly Center counselors. Visit our Client Rights and Responsibilities page for additional information on confidentiality and our commitment to you.

Remember, your decision to get academic counseling is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness. People who know they need guidance and seek it out are strong and do what is needed to achieve personal and academic well-being. Contact our office and get started on a path to academic success.

Don't forget! You can also take advantage of the following services to help you as you progress toward your goals:

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Academic Tips and Tools

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