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What is a Peer Tutor?

Peer tutors are students who are currently enrolled in courses at FHSU. They have received a grade of either A or B in the course(s) they are tutoring. They are trained to help you develop study skills that will provide a foundation for you to become a more successful student.

Keep in mind that our peer tutors are not instructors. While they do not have the level of subject knowledge that your instructor does, they can still provide assistance with understanding course concepts and textbook material. They will not, however, do your homework for you, nor will they write papers for you. They will help you learn how to become a more effective and independent learner.

Tutors also do not provide assistance in remedial language, math, reading or writing skills. The expectation of Fort Hays State University is that you should already have the fundamental skills necessary to do university level work.

List of General Education Courses Tutored

Successful Tutoring Guidelines

Important Information on Composition Tutoring

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