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Fort Hays State University
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Custer Hall 110

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Walk through Checklist

Outside Appearance

  • Maintained
  • Overall appearance


  • Appealing
  • Seasonal
  • Clean
  • Coordinate with inside theme/appearance


  • Compare to stores in vicinity

Inside Appearance
Store Layout

  • Consistency in store appearance, merchandise
  • Use background music and fragrance to improve the overall ambiance of the store
  • Use in store signage and directories to help customers find their way through your
  • Allocate as much space as possible to the selling floor
  • Balance space allocation with customer needs and wants, so keep related
  • departments together
  • Organize shelving, racks and fixtures based on how you want customer traffic to flow
  • Don't underestimate the power of color
  • Flooring should be consistent with the color scheme and the overall image of the store
  • Lighting also affects the image of a store
  • Fixtures must also be consistent with the overall image

Shelf & Display Management

  • Match your display with the items you advertise and build displays around high-margin or fast-moving items
  • Display the best sale items near the front of the store
  • Display large items at the front of the store to encourage the customer to take a cart
  • Except during storewide sales, avoid having too many marked-down goods in the same display
  • Give ample amounts of display space to impulse buys, such as candy, magazines and sundries, and display these items near the register
  • Keep displays simple
  • Feature seasonal, up to date goods
  • Use color or props
  • Make sure the displays are well-lit
  • Have a theme for each display
  • Cross-merchandise displays
  • Use waterfall fixtures to display featured apparel items and position them in the front of the store
  • Do not use handmade signs on your displays


  • Straighten displays every day
  • Clear the aisles
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint
  • Schedule maintenance for non-business hours
  • Keep the floors dry
  • Mark changes in floor levels clearly with signs
  • Properly apply floor wax

Loss Prevention
Plan the store layout to deter shoplifting by using the following techniques

  • adequate lighting
  • displays at eye level
  • neat merchandise displays
  • high value items behind counter or in locked cases
  • lock entrances/exits that customers do not use or that you cannot see
  • attach noisemakers to unlocked exits
  • two-way mirrors
  • observation booths
  • visible cameras - real or dummy
  • concealed cameras
  • dressing room attendants
  • merchandise chains and cables
  • electronic article surveillance devices or ink tags


  • Stock unusual items and hard to find sizes of common items
  • Lower prices on selected items
  • Increase the breadth and depth of merchandise selection to go beyond what the
    competition carries in certain departments or categories.
  • Offer an extended warranty or service contract - and advertise it
  • Visual merchandising

Quality and appearance of merchandise

  • Clean
  • Pressed
  • Crowded/Space
  • Age/season

Employee attire, attitude and behavior

  • Neat attire
  • Clean appearance
  • Helpful
  • Customer oriented
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