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Business Valuation Documents Request Datasheet

Please furnish the following documents. If the document requested does not apply, note the item N/A. If the document is not available to you, please note the item "Not Available."

Business: ______________________ Date of Valuation: ___/___/___

[ ] 1. Enclosed Valuation Questionnaire.
[ ] 2. Balance sheets for the 3-5 years prior to Date of Valuation, including notes, if available.
[ ] 3. Detailed, Date of Valuation Balance Sheet (not more than 60 days old), including a schedule listing the fair market value of assets, (Securities, Equipment, Buildings, Land, etc.).
[ ] 4. Accrual Basis Income Statements for the 3-5 years prior to Date of Valuation, including notes, if available. If only cash basis statements are available, include accrual adjustment to pre-tax net
income, if available. Include year to date income statement, if available.
[ ] 5. Date of Valuation Income Statement ending ___/___/___. (This is the most current income
statement available - usually for a partial year but not more than 60 days old.)
[ ] 6. Business Federal Tax Return, (1120, 1065), for 3-5 years prior to Date of Valuation.
Schedule C only if business is a proprietorship.
[ ] 7. If not listed elsewhere, schedule of dividends paid for the 5 years prior to the Date of Valuation.
[ ] 8. Accounts Receivable Aging Report at the Date of Valuation.
[ ] 9. Stockholder listing, Partnership Agreement. Include notation of any family members who also
own an interest in the business.
[ ] 10. Other significant contracts/agreements.
[ ] 11. Copies of any appraisals made on the business or specific assets within the last three years.
[ ] 12. Other ________________________________________________________________________

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