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Rick Feltenberger
Picture of Rick Feltenberger

Regional Director


Rick Feltenberger is the Regional Director at the FHSU Kansas SBDC office! He is from a small coal & steel town up in the Appalachian Mountains.  He did a lot of traveling, went to college, and lived in Colorado for about 20 years before moving to Hays.  Rick started working at the Kansas SBDC in late July of 2016 and has loved every minute of it! As regional director for 29 Kansas counties, his responsibilities are to help business startups and established businesses solve problems so that they can achieve financial independence and success.  He finds some of the most rewarding work by covering the “dailies” that each business owners much accomplish.  With the help of his tremendous team from Hays and Colby, he is able to accomplish these high level tasks! A couple interesting facts about Rick is that he once ran a 3:15 marathon, has started 4 businesses, and worked at several Fortune 100 companies! He likes to play golf and ride motorcycles in his free time! Rick’s favorite food is Nigiri Sushi and his favorite movie, that he watches every year, is It’s a Wonderful Life. Rick is the man, with a plan!

Sue Rundle
Picture of Sue Rundle

Program Specialist


Sue Rundle is our Program Specialist at Kansas SBDC at FHSU! She was born in Frankfurt, West Germany and grew up in Phillipsburg and Hays, KS.  She has been in Hays since 1980.  Sue started working for the Kansas SBDC in February 2017.  Sue’s tasks and duties here are to assist the Regional Director with anything that needs to be done, supervise the student employees, verify P-Card transactions, make travel arrangements for the Regional Director and consultant, track and order supplies, and make sure the office is running smoothly! She is also a liaison with the Lead Center in Topeka as well as here at FHSU. Some of her hobbies include reading anything from James Patterson, spending time with her family, especially her granddaughter Emery, and playing with her American Eskimo dog, Niki.  An interesting fact about Sue is that her mother is Korean.  Her parents met when her dad was based in Seoul, South Korea in the Army.  Sue’s favorite food is Chicken Alfredo and her favorite movie is The Breakfast Club.  Thank you Sue for keeping us on track!

Beiqi Chen
Picture of Beiqi Chen

Graduate Assistant


Beiqi Chen is a Graduate Assistant at the Kansas SBDC!  She is from Shaan Xi, China. She has been attending Fort Hays State University since fall 2014 majoring in Accounting and Finance.  She will be graduating this spring 2019. She has been living in Hays for 4 years.  Beiqi has been working with the Kansas SBDC since summer 2017.  Some of Beiqi’s daily tasks here are training and assisting the Researcher, which was her former position here, meeting with new clients and conducting initial meetings, and reporting information to our Regional Director.  An interesting fact about Beiqi is that she is a big fan of rollercoasters; however, she is afraid of riding carousels.  Her hobbies include travelling during breaks, and hanging out with friends.  Beiqi’s favorite food is cinnamon rolls and sticks, and her favorite movie is Minions.  Beiqi is looking forward to working with people that want to start a business!

Flaubert Toulaboe
Picture of Flaubert Toulaboe

Research Center


Flaubert Toulaboe is our Researcher!  He is from Hays, Kansas and has been living here since he was 3.  His major is Finance and is a junior at Fort Hays State University.  He has been working with the Kansas SBDC since the middle of September 2018.  As the researcher, his task is Market Research, which is to conduct online research for consultants that fit their needs, learning what different client businesses do, and using our resources to give the clients helpful information.  In fact, Flaubert is the only Researcher in the whole Kansas SBDC organization.  An interesting fact about Flaubert is that he has been to Africa before! In addition to that, his hobbies include playing video games, drawing, and exercising.  Flaubert’s favorite food is pizza and his favorite movie is Spirited Away!  If you are looking into having some research done, Flaubert is the guy you need!

Courtney Kuntz
Picture of Courtney Kuntz

Student Office Assistant


Courtney Kuntz is our Office Assistant! She is from a small town in Southeast Kansas called Dexter.  She has been attending Fort Hays State University since August 2015 and will be graduating May 2019 with a Business Management degree. She started working with the Kansas SBDC late April 2018. Some tasks and duties that Courtney completes everyday are developing flyers, organizing business workshops, answering phone calls, and assisting clients that are interested in starting their own business.  An interesting fact about Courtney is that her hometown only has around 275 people in it and her graduating class only had 12 students! In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends, boyfriend, and family. She also likes being outdoors and going to the lake. Courtney’s favorite movie is The Lion King and her favorite food is chips and queso. If you have any questions for the Kansas SBDC, she’s the girl to call!

Ricky Carrasco
Picture of Ricky Carrasco

Graduate Assistant


Ricky Carrasco is a Graduate Assistant at the Kansas SBDC! He is from Garden City, Kansas.  He has been attending Fort Hays State University for 6 years, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources.  This is his final year of school and living here, and he will soon be getting his Masters.  Ricky started working for the Kansas SBDC in August 2018.  Some of his daily tasks are meeting with clients, conducting initial meetings, and reporting information to our Regional Director. An interesting fact about Ricky is that he worked for the Walt Disney Company! In his free time, Ricky likes to cook, play soccer, and read every now and then.  Ricky’s favorite food is Mexican food, especially Mexican pastries.  His favorite movie is The Dark Knight or anything movie with Mark Wahlberg.  We are glad to have Ricky on our team!

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