Department of Mathematics

Do you like solving puzzles and problems? Did you ace your mathematics classes in high school? Are you intrigued by how technology computes various mathematical measures? Develop your problem-solving skills with a degree program directed by the Department of Mathematics.  Perhaps you are interested in the teaching of mathematics.  The Department of Mathematics also provides secondary and graduate focused programs in the teaching of mathematics.

Learn how the principles of the various fields in Mathematics work together to help you create innovative solutions to varied riddles and develop analytical skills to mathematically model your world. While you earn your degree at FHSU, you will apply mathematics to a variety of issues, from data collection to mathematical theory.

Our diverse faculty members have a passion for teaching, and their guidance will challenge you to excel in any project you undertake. For example, you can:

  • Work on current problems challenging the field of mathematics.
  • Write computer programs designed to tackle issues troubling software engineers everywhere.
  • Learn cutting-edge teaching methods to pass on your love of mathematics to a new generation.

Whether you major in Mathematics, you will gain the analytical problem solving skills you need to make a difference in the real world. View the department's academic and teaching degree programs in the Academic Programs page.  Check it out!

Contact the Department of Mathematics to learn about the applications in your future.

Need help with your mathematics course work? Learn about our free tutoring services for FHSU students on our Tutoring page.


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