Entering the 2018 FHSU Math Relays

Please select the desired form link below to access entry forms. Note, that all forms are in PDF format and require appropriae PDF reader program to view, intereact electronically for at least partial filling of the form, and printing.  As mentione on the Math Relays home page, Adobe Acrobat Reader is such a program. 

You can fill out many parts of each grade level form (though not all portions) in an appropriae PDF reader program (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader). OR you can print out the unfilled form, complete the form (please write/type legibly).  Once all forms are complete mail the forms in as described in the sponsor letter. Remember, a summary entry form is required for each school even if you only enter students from a single grade classification.

9th Grade Entry Form

10th Grade Entry Form

11th Grade Entry Form

12th Grade Entry Form

Summary Entry Form

ALL Entry Forms in one PDF Document


Entry forms should be mailed to:

Fort Hays State University
Mathematics Department
Attn: Bev Unruh--Math Relays
600 Park Street
Hays, Kansas 67601

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