Sponsor's Information

macs/documents/math-relays-entry-docs/sponsorletter2018.pdfPlease select the desired link below to access important information for the Sponsors of a team. Note, that all documents are in PDF format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print. You should print out the information as needed, making sure to follow the entry instructions given within the sponsor letter. The remaining information is to assist you in preparing your entry forms and understanding the relays.

Sponsor's Letter Regarding Relay Entry

Rules and General Information

Description of Events

Relay Schedule

FHSU Campus Map

Sample Relay Questions by Event

The Mathematics & Computer Science Departments would like to bring to your attention Fort Hays State University's Policy on Tobacco Usage. Fort Hays State University prohibits the use of tobacco products within all University buildings, facilities as well as other exterior spaces. Persons in violation of this policy may be ticketed.

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