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MATH Newsletter Continues Online

Welcome to the online version of the annual Mathematics Department Newsletter from Fort Hays State University. Now in its sixteenth year online, we hope that you find this newsletter to be convenient and easily accessible. As with the previous electronic versions, the 2018 Newsletter is available from this site only in PDF format. Using an appropriate link below, you should be able to access the current as well as several previous archived newsletters in this format. It should be noted that you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view and/or print this electronic version. If not already installed on the computer you are using, please visit the Acrobat Reader web site and follow the instructions to install the reader program. Many different platform versions of the reader program are available to meet most users' computer operating systems.

If this technology-based form of the newsletter does not appeal to your taste, please request a paper issue by calling (785)-628-4240 or by emailing Bev Unruh at bunruh@fhsu.edu. If you have any ideas, praises, comments or concerns regarding this newsletter, feel free to email the newsletter editor, Lanee Young, at lyoung@fhsu.edu. We appreciate and value your input to make the department newsletter even better!

As you view this year's or a past year's newsletter we hope you enjoy not only the department's recent news but also enjoy reflecting on FHSU, the Mathematics Department, and lifelong friends.

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