Concentration in Marketing

In today's fast paced and ever-evolving marketplace, the knowledge and skills gained from an MBA concentration in Marketing can be used to help firms create value for customers. Creating customer value involves understanding customer needs and desires, developing unique and superior products and services, and developing and communicating compelling brand messages. Organizations also prize individuals who can help them understand the value of their customer segments and enhance firm growth through innovative approaches to customer service. Marketing courses in the MBA concentration at FHSU will help students develop their skills in strategic, conceptual and analytical thinking. Career paths typically pursued by MBAs with a marketing concentration include brand management, market research, retail management, and professional sales.

Courses include:

     MKT 604  Marketing Research (3 credit hours)
    Designed to acquaint the student with typical marketing problems and the methods of solving them; data sources and collection are featured along with market analysis and determination.

    MKT 601  Consumer Behavior (3 credit hours)
    Application to the marketing process of the fundamental processes of motivation, perception,  learning, individual predispositions, group  influences, consumer decision processes, and  aggregate consumer behavior.

    MKT 609 Strategic Electronic Marketing (3 credit hours)
    This course explores the basic principles that underlie marketing and how e-business marketing  techniques will fundamentally change the traditional marketing process. This course prepares students for careers in a rapidly changing environment of non-linear, online, interactive advertising; new product development and distribution processes; and reliance on databases. Students will learn how to use internet technologies necessary for executing marketing strategy.

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