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Finance Concentration (On Campus or Online)

Every business decision involves finance. This concentration prepares you for leadership roles in the public and private sectors in fields such as banking, corporate finance and investments. Learn how to utilize financial forecasts, analyze financial problems and integrate economic implications into financial decisions.

Courses include:

  • ECON 640: Money and Banking (3 hours)
    An examination of the institutional setting which facilitates the creation and transfer of money between individuals, firms, and governments; how the supply and demand for money affect and are affected by national output, employment, prices, interest, and exchange rates; derivation of aggregate demand using Hicks' IS-LM model; theories and evidence of fiscal and monetary policy effectiveness in an open economy. Requisites: PR, ECON 202.

  • FIN 641: Financial Institutions  (3 hours)
    A study of the nature, scope, and role of financial institutions in the economy; supply of and demand for loanable funds; money market; capital markets; the level and structure of interest rates; monetary, fiscal, and debt management policies. Requisites: PR, FIN 305.

  • FIN 645: International Finance   (3 hours)
    Examination and analysis of international financial decision making in areas of foreign investments, trade, and working capital management given various political, cultural, and technological constraints. Requisites: PR, FIN 305.
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