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Healthcare Management Concentration (Online Only)

Today's complex health care environment offers many opportunities and challenges. This concentration couples comprehensive business curriculum with courses that deepen your knowledge and skills to manage the delivery of population-focused health services.

Choose 3 classes from the following electives:

  • NURS 861: Complexity in Healthcare Organizations  (3 hours)
    Emphasis is on organizational behavior.  Behavioral sciences, organizational and administrative theories are related to the administration of healthcare services. 

  • NURS 862: Administration Management in Health Care Organizations (3 hours)
    Principles and processes of management are introduced and expanded to relate to the dimensions of health care administrative practice. Decision making is an integral part of this course. PR: NURS 861
  •  HHP 610: Global Health (3 hours)
    This course addresses key issues of global health with emphasis on possible solutions to world health problems and is designed for students from a variety of majors. Emphasis points include an understanding of biological and social aspects of major health issues; knowledge of populations groups at increased risk; policies and procedures related to health inequalities; and assessment methods for global health.
  • HHP 630: Administration in Health Care (3 hours)
    This course is intended for those interested in a systematic understanding of organizational principles, practices, and insights pertinent to the management of health services organizations. In this course, we will survey the several different perspectives of how health care organizations have functioned and evolved over the years. "System thinking" is utilized to analyze managing partnerships, strategic alliances, networking, and other arrangements between and among physicians, hospitals, health systems, and other provider organizations. We will focus on how health care leaders must effectively design and manage health care organizations while simultaneously influencing and adapting to changes in an environmental context and emphasize the role of the transformational leadership model in managing the boundary between the internal organization and its external environment successfully. Case studies, practical scenarios, and controversial issues are highlighted in each chapter to challenge the student to provide solutions and philosophical positions on a variety of issues. 
  • HHP 625: Legal Issues in Health Care (3 hours)
    This course will study many of the legal issues involved in the provision of health care. The course will include an overview of the history of health care and a foundation of the American legal system. As the course progresses, critical legal issues relating to the health care industry will be addressed, including tort law and professional liability insurance, information management, patient rights, ethical issues in health care, and employment and labor issues involved in the administration of healthcare. 
  • HHP 811: Health Promotion Programming (3 hours)
    A course designed to study health promotion programming concepts and skills, and the delivery and evaluation of health promotion and wellness programs. An in-depth framework for designing and implementing health promotion programs will be analyzed.
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