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International Business Concentration (On Campus and Online)

Everyone is affected by the global economy and international influences. There is a significant and growing need for employees with strong knowledge and skills in international trading, marketing management, business development management and foreign trade consulting.

Courses include:

  • MKT 606: International Marketing (3 hours)
    A managerial approach to international marketing with emphasis on comparative systems and the key variables controllable by the international marketing executive. Underlying factors of international market environments; the forces which cause people to accept or reject new products. Attention is given to demand, product, policies, market channels, pricing, and the development and control of marketing programs. International marketing from the perspective of the headquarters and the field executive with special emphasis on multinational marketing programs. Requisites: MKT 301 and Junior standing or PERM.

  • ECON 644: International Economics (3 hours)
    A survey of international trade and finance, includes the theory and empirical foundations of international trade; the balance of payments and foreign exchange; contemporary international economic problems and commercial policies (e.g., tariffs, quotas, exchange control, international monetary reform). Requisites: PR, ECON 201, ECON 202.

  • FIN 645: International Finance (3 hours)
    Examination and analysis of international financial decision making in areas of foreign investments, trade, and working capital management given various political, cultural, and technological constraints. Requisites: PR, FIN 305.
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