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Leadership Studies Concentration (Online Only)

Leadership studies examines the theoretical foundation and practical behaviors/processes that promote positive leadership, including problem-solving, collaboration, communication and change. This concentration gives you deeper insight about how to excel in any leadership role.

Courses required:

  • LDRS 801: Theoretical Foundations of Leadership (3 hours)
    The purpose of this course is to expose students to the large body of business and organizational leadership theory and research.  Both historical and contemporary approaches will be examined in detail.  Students will be required to analyze the research critically from both theoretical and empirical perspectives.  Finally, course material will focus on business and organizational leadership in multiple contexts and levels of analysis (individual, team, organization and community).

  • LDRS 802: Organizational Systems, Change and Leadership (3 hours)
    This class will challenge students to embrace a systems view of leadership and organizational change at the organizational level. Students will compare, contrast and critique both seminal and modern theories and models of organizational learning, knowledge creation, and organizational capacity building and apply them to their own organizational settings. The course will enhance student ability to think systematically and develop comprehensive understanding of core competencies required to initiate and sustain change in organizations.

  • LDRS 807: Leadership in Teams and Collaborative Environments (3 hours)
    This course examines the leadership process in the context of team and group dynamics. It investigates process and content issues of team building, interpersonal and group relations, and effective problem solving and decision making skills in collaborative environments. The course places particular emphasis on the relationship between teams within business organizations and external constituents.Requisites: PR, Graduate Admission.
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