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Tourism and Hospitality Management Concentration (Online Only)

Tourism and hospitality encompass many different industries, and the employment outlook looks bright. This concentration provides you with the knowledge, skills, and strategic perspectives you need to understand and analyze forces shaping the tourism and hospitality industry.

Choose 3 classes from the following electives:

  • THM 620: Principles & Practices in Tourism and Hospitality Management (3 hours)
    This is an introduction course to provide the student a broad understanding of what is entailed in the hospitality industry. Study of the evolution of the hospitality industry and how it is currently stratified. Organization systems, management and career opportunities/salaries will be examined. This course will discuss the view of hospitality service management from both a consumer and business perspective.

  • THM 621: Tourism & Hospitality Marketing (3 hours)
    This course will introduce basic concepts and skills in tourism marketing and will address differences between tourism and other industries. Students will learn how marketing managers can position their products or destinations to capture customers.

  • THM 622: Service Operations (3 hours)
    This class will explore the integration among operations, strategy, marketing, technology, and organizational issues in a service business. Theory, methods and techniques of service operations management will be examined.

  • THM 623: Meetings, Conventions, & Events Management (3 hours)
    This course examines the meetings, conventions, and events industry as well as the role of the meeting and events professional. The course will explore this complex field with respect to vendors, contracts, fundraising, budgeting, ethics, and social responsibility.

  • THM 624: Hotel & Resort Management (3 hours)
    Introduction of hotel and resort management practices. This course will examine the topics of employee selection, room sales forecasting, labor production, employee staffing, employee scheduling, and departmental budgeting.

  • THM 625: International Hospitality: Problems and Planning (3 hours)
    This course explores global tourism regions and destinations. Tourist destinations and the unique problems facing tourism development in first- and third-world contexts throughout the world will be examined. This includes a discussion of tourism policy issues, examination of the role of the tourist, the tourism manager, and the host community.
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