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Core Courses

(25 hours required)

MBA 800: Graduate Success Lab (1 hour)

This lab is designed to provide new graduate learners the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their program. The lab familiarizes learners with the FHSU online environment and support resources provided to ensure success. Learners build skills in the selection and use of methods, techniques, and library or online resources. This course is taken at the beginning of the first semester and is a required foundation course for all other graduate courses. It may be taken concurrently with other graduate courses during a student's first semester.

MBA 811: Advanced Managerial Accounting (3 hours)

The study of how internal accounting/operational information, formal models, and analytical techniques may be used within the firm to assist managers in their control and decision-making activities. Emphasis is placed on considering both quantitative and qualitative factors when making decisions.

MBA 812: Marketing Management (3 hours)

A managerial approach to marketing focusing on concepts and strategies designed to enhance executive decision making. Topics include customer relationships and satisfaction, market segmentation and targeting, marketing research, products, pricing, promotion and distribution.

MBA 813: Information Systems for Management (3 hours)

The study of the managerial implications of information systems in modern business organizations; advanced consideration in the evaluation, selection, and administration of management information systems; and contemporary issues managers must address in the digital society.

MBA 814: Business Research and Quantitative Methods (3 hours)

Designed to develop an in-depth knowledge of business research methods and presentations. Students will conduct objective business research, analyze and interpret data using statistical concepts, and present their findings in organized business presentations for management's use in making accurate, informed decisions.

MBA 815: Managerial Economics (3 hours)

Application of economic theory to business decision making at the individual firm level. Selected topics include: demand estimation and forecasting, production and cost theory, cost estimation and forecasting, pricing decisions, and government regulations.

MBA 816: Advanced Corporate Finance (3 hours)

A study of the theory and application of corporate financial management. Topics include: decision making under uncertainty, financial analysis and forecasting, working capital management, capital structure decisions, dividend policy, capital budgeting, valuation and portfolio management, mergers, leasing, and international financial management.

MBA 817: Strategic Management (3 hours)

A study of the integrative functions of senior corporate management in long-range strategic planning and decision making. This is a capstone course which utilizes all the skills, tools, and knowledge developed earlier in the graduate program. This course should be taken during the last term of a student's graduate program.

MBA 831: Organizational Behavior in a Global Context (3 credit hours)

This course moves from the theory to the practical applications of leadership and organizational behavior. Course activities focus on the individual within the organizational context. Students will explore organizational improvement strategies as well as the topics of interpersonal skills, personal perceptions, motivation, communication, problem solving and decision making, conflict and change.

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