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MBA Courses

The MBA degree consists of 34 credit hours, or 12 classes, in areas such as marketing, management, economics, and finance.

If you have taken graduate courses at another regionally accredited college or university, they may count towards the MBA degree, subject to approval by the MBA Committee. Typically, no more than nine credit hours will be considered for transfer credit.

If you do not have an undergraduate business degree, you will likely need to take an additional four foundation courses (currently only offered online) to prepare yourself for the MBA program. Students wishing for substitutions to or exemptions from the foundation courses should submit their requests through the Graduate Coordinator to the MBA Committee for evaluation and approval.

MBA Schedule of Classes Campus   Virtual
(as of Summer 2018) (F=Fall, S=Spring, U=Summer) F S U   F S U
Foundation Courses (12 hours for non business majors)              
GBUS 801 Survey of Economics           X  
GBUS 802 Management and Marketing Concepts         X    
GBUS 803 Accounting Theories and Practice         X    
GBUS 804 Financial and Quantitative Methods           X  
Core Courses (25 hours required)              
MBA 800 Graduate Success Lab X       X X  
MBA 811 Advanced Managerial Accounting   X     X X  
MBA 812 Marketing Management X       X X  
MBA 813 Information Systems for Management X       X X  
MBA 814 Business Research and Quantitative Methods X       X X  
MBA 815 Managerial Economics X         X X
MBA 816 Advanced Corporate Finance   X     X X  
MBA 817 Strategic Management   X     X X  
MBA 831 Organizational Behavior in a Global Context   X       X X
Concentration in Accounting (On Campus Only)              
ACCT 601: Advanced Accounting X            
ACCT 610: Advanced Tax Procedure   X          
(Choose 1 class from the following electives)              
ACCT 612: Advanced Auditing   X          
ACCT 608: CPA Problems   X          
**Prerequisite courses need to be completed prior              
to enrollment in the concentration elective courses above.              
Concentration in Corporate Communication (Online)              
BCOM 601: Managerial Communication          X X  
BCOM 673: Problems in Business Communication         X    
BCOM 690: Professional Development         X    
BCOM 692: Managerial Reports & Presentations           X  
BCOM 695: Corporate Communication            X  
Concentration in Digital Marketing (On Campus/Online)   X       X  
MKT 602: Integrated Marketing Communications X       X    
MKT 608: Database Marketing             X
MKT 609: Strategic Electronic Marketing X       X    
MKT 610: Social Media Marketing X       X    
MKT 611: Social Media Marketing Content and Analytics   X       X  
Concentration in Finance (On Campus/Online)              
ECON 640: Money and Banking X X     X   X
FIN 641: Financial Institutions X X         X
FIN 645: International Finance X           X
Concentration in Health and Human Performance/Sports Mgmt (Online)              
HHP 655: Sports Planning and Promotion         X   X
HHP 855: Legal Issues in Health and Human Performance         X    
HHP 860: Facilities in Physical Education and Athletics             X
Concentration in Health Care Management (Online)              
Choose 3 classes from the following electives:              
NURS 862: Administration Management in Health Care Organizations         X    
NURS 861: Complexity in Healthcare Organizations             X
HHP 610: Global Health         X   X
HHP 630: Administration in Health Care         X X  
HHP 625: Legal Issues in Health Care           X  
HHP 811: Health Promotion Programming           X  
Concentration in Human Resource Management (On Campus/Online)              
MGT 611: Human Resource Management X X     X X X
(prerequisite for all other HRM classes)              
(Choose 2 classes from the following electives)              
MGT 612: Recruitment Selection and Retention   X     X X X
MGT 613: Total Compensation X       X X X
MGT 614: Training and Development   X     X X X
Concentration in Information Assurance (Online)              
INF 684: Foundations of Information Systems Security X       X   X
INF 880: Management and Information Security   X       X  
INF 885: Information Risk Management and Disaster Recovery             X
Concentration in International Business (On Campus/Online)              
MKT 606: International Marketing   X       X X
ECON 644: International Economics   X       X  
FIN 645: International Finance X           X
Concentration in Leadership Studies (Online Only)              
LDRS 801: Theoretical Foundations of Leadership         X    
LDRS 807: Leadership in Teams and Collaborative Environments             X
LDRS 802: Organizational Systems, Change and Leadership           X  
Concentration in Management Information Systems (Online)              
MIS 602: Information Systems Design and Development X       X    
INF 658: Law of Cyberspace X       X X  
An MIS or INF elective as approved              
Concentration in Marketing (On Campus/Online)              
MKT 601: Consumer Behavior X       X   X
MKT 604: Marketing Research X       X    
MKT 609: Strategic Electronic Marketing X       X    
Concentration in Tourism and Hospitality Management (On Campus/Online)              
Choose 3 classes from the following electives:              
THM 620: Principles and Practices in Tourism and Hospitality Mgt. X       X X  
THM 621: Tourism and Hospitality Marketing    X       X  
THM 622: Service Operations    X       X  
THM 623: Meetings, Conventions and Event Management             X
THM 624: Hotel and Resort Management              
THM 625: International Hospitality: Problems and Planning  X       X    
General Concentration (no concentration)              
Choose any nine credit hours of the above graduate electives or other graduate course work with advisor approval              
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