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Since the ability to speak another language strengthens your ties to other cultures and makes you more marketable in jobs nationwide and globally, modern languages courses are frequently combined with other majors through complementary dual-degree options. More than 95 percent of our departmental majors are dual-degree seekers, with degree pairings like Nursing/Spanish, Business/Spanish or Spanish/Teacher Education.

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The ability to speak a second language is necessary for many careers in international business, marketing, mass media communications, government service and teaching. Our majors and minors have been carefully designed to align with your future professional goals.

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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Our faculty and staff will help you plan your foreign language curriculum and keep you on track with your concentration. Your advisor will ensure you have the resources and feedback to complete your degree and be on your way to becoming an accomplished leader with the skills to thrive in a worldly environment.

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