Faculty and Staff

On Campus Faculty and Staff

Dr. Brad Will
Dr. Brad Will

Interim Department Chair
Director of Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Assistant Dean, College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Science
Office: Rarick Hall, Room 302
Phone: (785) 628-4244
Email: bwill@fhsu.edu

Rhonda Baker

Senior Administrative Assistant
Office: Rarick Hall, Room 303
Phone: (785) 628-4244
Email: rbaker@fhsu.edu

Dr. Pilar Caballero

Assistant Professor of Spanish
Office: Rarick Hall, Room 305
Phone: (785) 628-4658

Dr. Rosa Maria Castaneda

Assistant Professor of Spanish
Ph.D. University of Florida
Office: Rarick Hall, Room 246
Phone: (785) 628-5695
Email: rmcastaneda@fhsu.edu

Dr. Chita Espino-Bravo

Assistant Professor, Spanish
Ph.D., Spanish, Purdue University, West Lafayette
Office: Rarick Hall, Room 247
Phone: (785) 628-4263
Email: c_espinobravo@fhsu.edu

Maxim Maximov

Instructor of German and Spanish
M.A., German, University of Kansas
Office: Rarick Hall, Room 309
Phone: (785) 628-5382
Email: mlmaximov@fhsu.edu

Christophe Cheroret

Instructor of French

Virtual College Faculty

Claudia Rink
Claudia Rink

Instructor of German Online
Email:  c_rink@fhsu.edu

Dr. Paul Siegrist

Professor of Spanish Online
Email: psiegrist@fhsu.edu

Dr. Evelyn Toft

Professor of Spanish Online
Email: etoft@fhsu.edu

Grace Siyuan Zhou

Instructor of Chinese Online
Email: s_zhou2@fhsu.edu

Dr. Robert Patrick

Instructor of French Online
Email: rmpatrick2@fhsu.edu

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