Learning Language and Culture: Inside and Outside the Classroom

The Department of Modern Languages offers several weekly and exciting social opportunities that are open to all students. Enjoy playing German-language Scrabble as a way to practice your German; or achieve greater fluency in Spanish by attending Tertulia led by our native-speakers; or enjoy the Hispanic and German film offerings.  Our yearly events are listed below.

Tertulia--Enjoy speaking Spanish in a relaxed environment with fellow students, faculty, and members of the Hays community.  For more information, contact Dr. Chita Espino-Bravo.

Hispanic Film Festival--The Hispanic Film Festival was designed to create the opportunity for FHSU students, faculty, and the community of Hays, KS to experience Hispanic culture through film. All the films we show are in Spanish with English subtitles and deal with past or contemporary issues of the Hispanic world.  
For more information, contact Dr. Chita Espino-Bravo.

Kaffeestunde--Come socialize, chat and listen to German in an informal atmosphere by participating in Kaffeestunde.   For more information, contact Claudia Rink

German Film Series--Each semester, the German Film series offers an opportunity to view instances of contemporary and classic German film. All films have English subtitles and are screened. For more information, contact Claudia Rink.  

Up-Coming Events:

Every Thursday at 3:30 - 4:30pm in Rarick Hall Room 395

Hispanic Film Festival

Every Thursday at 4:30pm at the Union - behind Starbucks (by the cafeteria)

German Film Series

Hispanic Dance Sessions

Get Involved!

A great way to meet fellow students and faculty members is by becoming active in student organizations and events offered by the Department of Modern Languages:

German Club The purpose of German Club is to unite students for the sharing of knowledge and the promotion of an international understanding and growth of the University, and to further our special relationship with Universit├Ąt Duisburg-Essen, and to support our students in pursuing educational opportunities in Germany. For more info visit us on Facebook.

Spanish Club The Spanish Club is a departmental organization created for students and people interested in learning more about Hispanic Culture.  This club helps organize events like Hispanic Dance Sessions (salsa, samba, flamenco...etc.), so that students, faculty and the Hays community learn about Hispanic culture through music, dances and dancing.   The Spanish Club also organizes fundraisers, like Salsa parties, to help the club get some funding.  Most of the members of the Spanish Club are Spanish Majors and Minors in the Spanish Program, but the club welcomes people interested in learning more about Hispanics, and their different cultures.  President of the Spanish Club: Bryanda Martinez, Vice President: Cesar Garcia II,  Treasurer: Emmanuel Trejo. For more information contact advisor Dr. Chita Espino-Bravo.

Internships Upperclassmen are encouraged to participate in modern language internships in order to gain experience in teaching, business or other areas, while developing acquired language skills. You can intern at a local school by assisting a teacher, or you can find an outside internship with the aid of faculty. Interns who work in the class room help prepare lessons, tutor students, and are group facilitators during class projects.

Tutoring Services Need that extra help? Free tutors are available for all students!




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