FHSU '11 graduates find 94-percent rate of placement in job market, advanced study

02/22/12 ema

HAYS, Kan -- Contacts with 1,053 Fort Hays State University graduates from the 2010-2011 academic year found a "success rate" --placement in a job or enrolled in advanced study -- of 94 percent, according to a report from the university's Office of Career Services.

Career Services contacts every FHSU graduate inside theUnited States. The 1,053 figure includes Virtual College, on-campus students, andassociate and undergraduate degree students. Not included in the percentage areVirtual College graduates from China and other nations.

"Employers aren't hiring like they used to. It's toughout there in the job market," said Dan Rice, director of Career Services."Considering the economy and the difficult environment for graduates, 94percent is actually quite good."

This placement rate for FHSU graduates continues the successof recent years. The placement rate was 94 percent in 2009-10, 95 percent in2008-09, 98 percent in 2007-08, 98 percent in 2006-07, 98 percent in 2005-06,98 percent in 2004-05, 98 percent in 2003-04, 98 percent in 2002-03, 98 percentin 2001-02, 99 percent in 2000-01, 99 percent in 1999-2000, 99 percent in1998-99, 98 percent in 1997-98, 97 percent in 1996-97, 97 percent in 1995-96and 99 percent in 1994-95.

Another significant aspect of the success rate of 2011graduates is that 709 of them are working in their major fields and 180 arecontinuing their education. Another 83 reported being employed outside theirmajors, 61 were still seeking employment, and 20 were not seeking employment.

Geographic employment date show that 165 are working inEllis County, 270 are employed in western Kansas, 126 are employed in otherKansas regions, and 231 are employed out-of-state.

The survey is conducted annually by Rice's office, whichassists FHSU students in acquiring the skills necessary for a successful jobsearch and provides information about available jobs.

An extraordinary effort goes into the completion of thesurvey. The Career Services Office staff uses phone, mail and e-mail surveysand then turns to faculty, alumni, fraternity or sorority contacts, families,and various other sources to find the employment or study status of all graduates.

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