FHSU students spend their break fighting hunger

02/02/12 jb

HAYS, Kan. -- Sixteen Fort Hays State University students and one faculty member spent Jan. 8 through Jan. 14 in Austin, Texas, for the Tigers in Service Alternative Winter Break. The theme for the trip this year was hunger relief in Texas. The team served meals to more than 600 people and distributed food rations to more than 200.

"We worked with the Capital Area Food Bank in Austin, which provides less fortunate individuals with food items designed to make meals," said John Montgomery, instructor of leadership studies. "We also worked in their warehouse inspecting and packaging food items and with Caritas of Austin, which is similar to a soup kitchen. The final organization that we worked with is the Round Rock Serving Center in Round Rock, Texas, where we helped sort through clothes and various donated items for their organization."

Students who were on the trip were:

Andover: Sara Khan, junior.

Aurora, Colo.: Jordon Roston, senior.

Berryton: John Aguilar, junior.

Castle Rock, Colo.: Emily Brettmann, sophomore.

El Dorado: Kelly Nuckolls, senior.

Garden City: Gustavo Reyes, junior.

Goff: Matthew Niehues, junior.

Greensburg: Justine Chadd, senior.

Grenola: Kate Kill, sophomore.

Hays: Jenna Schulte, sophomore.

Hillsboro: Anthony Esau, junior.

Hoisington: Bryant Davis, sophomore;Micala Jamison, junior.

Solomon: Sarah Werling, freshman.

Spring Hill: Ryan Bosse, senior.

Wichita: Camille Gaddis, junior.

"I think my favorite part of the trip was realizing homeless and hungry people are no different from any of us college students. All they want is a smile, some courtesy and respect," said Nuckolls.

"I wanted to serve people during this Christmas season instead of just always helping myself. I had a month off of break and giving up one week to serve others was the best decision I made," said Chadd.

The Tigers in Service Alternative Breaks have been offered to students for the past eight years and have gone to more than 10. Students interested in going on an alternative break trip need fill to out applications with Tigers in Service.

Contact Tigers in Service for more information about its upcoming spring break trip at 785-628-4401.

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