Math majors at FHSU offer free tutoring to on-campus students

02/16/12 jgm

HAYS,Kan. -- Several students in the apprenticeship class for mathematics educationtaught by Dr. Bill Weber, assistant professor of mathematics and computerscience at Fort Hays State University, are offering tutoring sessions foron-campus mathematics students and virtual students in the Hays area.

"Partof the preparation for becoming an effective math teacher is being able toexplain math concepts to students who do not understand," said Weber."Being able to do math is a good thing, but being able to explain math tosome one else and have them understand it is a level above."

Tutorsare available Sunday afternoon through Friday morning and can help with coursesin intermediate and college algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and differentialequations.

"We'vebeen offering tutoring for many years, and there's always a demand forit," said Weber. "We always welcome feedback from students about waysto improve this service."

Contactthe Department of Mathematics and Computer Science for a complete schedule at785-628-4240.

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