Air force retiree takes over military student success position at FHSU

12/11/12 jgm

HAYS, Kan. -- Jeremy Carlton has been named Fort Hays State University's military student success specialist.

Carlton, originally from Portland, Ore., served in the U.S. Air Force from 2003 to 2011.

"FHSU is an outstanding institution whose commitment to those who have served and/or are serving and their respective families is telling, to say the least," said Carlton. "While I having served, I could think of no greater opportunity than to serve those who have sacrificed so much."

A major part of his job is helping individual service members load their lesson plans and help them with other problems. Military students work through the Army-American Council of Education Registry and the Sailor-Marine American Council on Education Registry to convert their military training into an FHSU transcript.

"I am the university official who gathers, reviews and signs the benefits-related military forms for our virtual and on-campus military populations," said Carlton.

Much of a military student's military training can be converted into college credit. Once all that is determined, the trooper, working with the Virtual College and Carlton, can line out a course of study and a degree program. Then, once the military records are translated into a transcript and the course of study is determined and students begin taking classes, they can get their military benefits.

"Each branch's expectation is going to vary," said Carlton. "Military members should start by talking with their educational counselors because both the military and the university have certifying officials who validate their eligibility and benefits."

Carlton will also serve as the faculty advisor for the Student Veterans of America student organization.

SVA provides military veterans with the necessary resources, support, advocacy, and camaraderie needed to acclimate themselves into university life.

Carlton's contact information is, 785-628-5541.

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