Student Government Association goes virtual

The Fort Hays State University Virtual College is teaming up with the Student Government Association to allow virtual students on-campus opportunities. The Virtual College Students Advisory Committee (VCSAC) will provide a better alternative for virtual student feedback and participation in the life of the university.

The committee members will use the video conferencing tool Skype for meetings, while members without webcams can phone in. Students will be able to contact committee members through e-mail. The VCSAC plans to have a social media presence in the future.

"Our online students are the ones in the trenches," said Kathleen Dougherty, Virtual College online student communication strategist. "It is much better to hear opinions at a meeting than trying to evaluate a survey."

Dougherty said the VCSAC will help to make current and future improvements. The first term will be for the spring 2014 semester.
SGA President Chis Roberts, Salina junior, pushed for the virtual outreach. "The Student Body president is a representative of all students, not just on campus," said Roberts. "This administration's goal is to ensure that all students have equal representation and the ability to improve the learning experience here at FHSU."

Roberts also said that he looks forward to seeing virtual students have the same experience as on-campus students. They will be able to vote on their representation and go on student organization trips. "This is also an opportunity for the international students to get involved," he said.

VCSAC is comprised of FHSU staff, a student government liaison and eight Virtual College students, two members from each of the four academic colleges. Five students are from Kansas while three others are out-of-state, one each from Idaho, North Carolina and Ohio.

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