Fort Hays State University student wins big in bookstore giveaway

Instead of shelling out $500 for textbooks, Amber Apuan, Norton junior, won $500 from Follett's Buyback Giveaway at Fort Hays State University's bookstore.

Follett, operator of the FHSU Bookstore and more than 940 other campus stores nationwide, selected a different student each day during December to win $500.

To be eligible, students participated in Follett's buyback program at their local campus store. In addition to instant cash back, students received a promotion code for each book offered for sale. Whether or not the student sold the book, each promotion code served as a single entry into the drawing. More than 50,000 customers across the United States entered the giveaway.

"Our buyback program is a great option for reducing the total cost of course materials, and this giveaway really sweetened the deal," said Steve Gonzales, store manager at the FHSU's Bookstore. "The campus store team congratulates Amber Apuan and encourages all FHSU students to participate in future campus store promotions."

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