KAMS senior selected to attend prestigious medical school

Taking college classes two years early at Fort Hays State University helped Bradley Leupold, Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science (KAMS) and Hiawatha High School senior, be selected for the six-year baccalaureate/medical degree program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine in the fall semester of 2014.

The B.A./M.D. program recruits from more than 1,000 student applications, and the council selects 320 applicants to interview. Leupold is now one of the 115 selected for the program.

"If I had not been a part of KAMS," said Leupold, "I feel like my application would have just been glanced over."

The program gives students the opportunity to acquire a medical degree in six years rather than the usual eight. The students learn from trained professionals in a clinical setting, giving them the chance to interact with real-world patients in real-world situations.

"KAMS has given me a head start in my classes," said Leupold. "Instead of having to take 20-22 hours a semester, I will be able to take around 16-18 hours."

Leupold will begin his coursework in the fall semester of 2014 as a student of medicine. He is currently interested in oncology, the study of cancer, but does not want to limit himself to any specific field at this point in his education.

About KAMS
KAMS is an early-entry-to-college program that focuses in advanced mathematics and science. While studying at KAMS, students live on campus in the dorms with other KAMS students from across Kansas and around the world. Over the course of two years, students take 68 hours of college credit. These college classes are taken alongside traditional college undergraduates and taught by college professors, while simultaneously contributing to their high school graduation requirements.

KAMS is still accepting applications for the fall semester. Interested students should contact the KAMS office at 785-628-4690 or visit fhsu.edu/KAMS.

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