Registration deadlines looming for Sternberg summer camps

05/16/14 cu

HAYS, Kan. -- Registration deadlines begin this month for summer camps sponsored by Fort Hays State University's Sternberg Museum of Natural History. Camps are available for students of all ages.

Camp subjects range from animals, rocks and minerals to fossils and Paleontology. All camps are limited to 10 participants. For more information, visit

Registration deadlines:

May 23: Fun with Fossils, elementary school day camp.

May 26: Junior Reptiles and Amphibians, elementary school day camp.

May 30: Paleontology Expedition, middle school camp.

June 2: Marvelous Mammals, middle school camp.

June 3: Junior Plants, Insects and Spiders, elementary school day camp.

June 5: Bird Biologists, middle school camp.

June 9: Reptiles and Amphibians, middle school camp.

June 20: Junior Bird Biologists, elementary school day camp.

July 3: Paleontology Field Crew, high school two-week camp.

July 25: Rocks and Minerals, middle school camp.

July 28: Plants, Insects and Spiders, middle school camp.

Aug 1: Junior Marvelous Mammals, elementary school day camp.

Aug 4: Junior Rocks and Minerals, elementary school day camp.

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