Western Kansas Skate Project benefits from class project in FHSU informatics

06/03/14 rmc
A team of senior students from Fort Hays State University, with combined experience of 10 years in audio engineering, networking, Web development, and videography, recently completed a plan to raise money and awareness for the Western Kansas Skate Project.

The proposed renovations to the Aubel Bickle Skate Park are intended to profit Hays in numerous ways. These benefits include providing the local youth with quality physical activity and providing a unique attraction to the surrounding area.

Through a media-based promotion campaign, sale of merchandise, and a website where donations can be made, the hope is to raise the money necessary to fund the project. "The team was very successful in creating multiple videos and social media sites," said Dr. Mark Bannister, Dean of the College of Business and Entrepreneurship at FHSU.

These electronic sources show the high number of people skating in Hays and the importance of sports to the younger generations, thereby revealing how crucial the repairs are.

Once the students completed the documentaries and website, the project was turned over to a new team consisting of the Western Kansas Skate Park Committee and the city of Hays. This team "gave us one of the best prepared presentations I've ever seen," said Kent Steward, city commissioner and director of University Relations at FHSU. He also said that Hays has approved continuing the project. The renovations are intended to modernize the aging and worn-down park.

For more information go to wekanskate.com or contact wekanskateproject@gmail.com.

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