FHSU Geosciences Department challenges all instructors


The Department of Geosciences at Fort Hays State University is sponsoring the annual Earth Science Week. This year's theme is "Earth's Connected Systems."

All FHSU instructors are challenged to hold classes outside, if the weather permits, on Tuesday, Oct. 14. All participating faculty will be entered in a drawing to win a prize from the Geosciences department.

"Participate by documenting your outdoor adventures with a picture and send it to geosciences@fhsu.edu, share it on the Geosciences Facebook page: Geosciences at FHSU, or tweet it to @GeoRocksFHSU," said Patrick Wilson, El Dorado, geosciences graduate assistant.

Earth Science Week, created by the American Geosciences Institute in October 1998, is both a national and international event that is held for the public. The American Geosciences Institute began the annual event to help the public gain better understanding of the Earth.

For more information on events visit www.fhsu.edu/geo/Events/ESW2014/.

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