Fort Hays State University recognized for online affordability

Nonprofit Colleges Online has recognized Fort Hays State University's online nursing program by ranking it number one for "Online Programs for Bachelor's of Science in Nursing." Website editors rank regionally accredited nonprofit schools that offer online programs.

Nonprofit Colleges Online helps students connect with potential schools by promoting online institutions "that put students before profits." Despite all of the negative attention online education receives, students choosing to gain part or all of a degree online has continued to grow. Nonprofit Colleges Online assists potential students to learn and connect with the schools where they can gain a quality education.

"It seems as though Fort Hays State University is continually coming onto my radar," said Brett Gershon, lead editor. "You all are offering a wide variety of online programs of study at extremely reasonable tuition rates."

In the past, FHSU has placed second on the website for three different categories: the Online Master's in Education Overview, the Master of Science in School Psychology and Science in Counseling, and the Bachelor's of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

FHSU also placed fourth in the Online Bachelor's in Education: Students Before Profits Award 2014-2015.

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