Fort Hays State University's Virtual College is topping the charts

Online education and affordability are becoming distinguishing details for Fort Hays State University's Virtual College. Recently, FHSU has been put among the top rankings among various websites that potential students use to make informed decisions. ranked FHSU No. 8 in its category of Online Management Programs, citing FHSU's Bachelor of Science in tourism and hospitality management. ranked FHSU No. 1 in its category of Online Graduate Counseling Degrees, assessing FHSU's Education, School Psychology and Business Administration degrees. has also rated FHSU No. 15 in its πcategory of Cheapest Online Masters Degrees, citing FHSU's Master of Science in Counseling. ranked FHSU No. 2 in its category of Most Affordable Online Colleges for Bachelors Degrees, citing FHSU's 24 available online degrees. ranked FHSU No. 1 for FHSU's online Bachelor of Art and Bachelor of Science in Psychology degrees in its category of Top 30 Affordable Online Psychology Degree Programs. ranked FHSU No. 4 and No. 6 in its Online Psychology & Human Service Masters and Bachelors Degree category as "best buys" for students seeking a high quality, low-cost online degree. placed FHSU at No. 29 in its category of Best Online colleges, citing FHSU's undergraduate programs. ranked FHSU's Bachelors of Business programs as No. 3 in its Bachelors of Business degree category. Also, they have ranked FHSU No. 5 in its Masters of Business category, citing FHSU's ten concentrations offered in addition to the general Masters of Business Administration.
rated FHSU No. 15 in its category of Finance, No. 11 in its category of International Business, No. 10 in its Healthcare Management category, No. 8 in the Midwest and No. 4 in its Human Resources and Leadership Categories, citing FHSU's Financial, International Business, Health and Human Performance, Human Resources and Leadership degrees. ranked FHSU as No. 12 in its online Masters in Business Administration category, citing FHSU's College of Business and Entrepreneurship. also ranked FHSU No. 4 and No. 37 in its category for Top Online Bachelors and Masters Programs, citing FHSU's justice studies program. ranked FHSU No. 3 in its category of Best Online Masters Degree in Sports Management, citing FHSU's Master of Business Administration programs. has ranked FHSU No. 4 in its Online Masters in Educational Technology degree programs category, citing FHSU's Master of Education and Instructional Technology programs.

These groups rate and rank online colleges based on their cost and credibility. Based on information that is publicly available, they are able to create reliable reports that lead to student satisfaction for their higher education careers.

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