Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science prepares to honor 5th graduating class

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The 18 members of the 2015 class of the Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science will walk across the stage at Commencement beginning at 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 9, in the Fort Hays Ballroom on the second floor of the Memorial Union on the Fort Hays State University campus.

This is the Academy's fifth graduating class. Members voted to name their class the Seekers.

"The Seekers' dedication to academic excellence has earned them significant scholarship packages to universities throughout Kansas as well as admission placement to highly competitive institutions across the country," said Dr. Roger Schieferecke, director of KAMS. "The KAMS class of 2015 will undoubtedly be instrumental in leading the state of Kansas, and our country, into the future."

Dr. Mirta M. Martin, FHSU president, will give the address.

The Kansas Board of Regents sited KAMS on the FHSU campus in 2008 following a selection process. The Kansas Legislature established the Academy to promote mathematics and science education, to reduce the "brain drain" in which many of the best and brightest young Kansans go away to out-of-state universities and never return, and to promote economic development by providing a well-educated workforce.

"The 2015 graduating class of KAMS students has performed at a high level throughout its time at FHSU. They have been leaders throughout campus and in the community, and their impact will endure forever," said Schieferecke,

The Seekers are listed by hometown with their parents and sending high schools.

Anshun, China: Shan Zhong.

Beijing, China: Xiao Wang.
Xining Li.

Buhler (67501): Victoria Kist, daughter of Brian Kist, McPherson, and Kathryn Downing, Hutchinson, Buhler High School.

Derby (67037): Cooper Cummings, son of John and Tracy Cummings, Derby, Derby High School.

Emporia (66801): Tayler Kriss, son of Thomas and Michelle Kriss, Emporia, Emporia High School.

Guangzhou, China: Wenkai Shu.
Xiaoying Lin.

Hoyt (66440): MaRyka Smith, daughter of Kevin and Lisa Smith, Hoyt, Royal Valley High School.

Jeonmindong, South Korea: Yeongsu Han.

Lyons (67544): Evan Shanelec, son of Daniel and Catherine Shanelec, Lyons, Lyons High School.

Russell (67665): Tammy Nguyen, daughter of Tom Nguyen and Nga Ngo, Russell, Russell High School.

Seneca (66538): Kayce Feldkamp, daughter of Stanley and Dawn Feldkamp, Seneca, Nemaha Valley High School.

Seoul, South Korea: Minsoo Choi.

Tecumseh (66542): Patrick Duensing, son of Edward and Amy Duensing, Tecumseh, Shawnee Heights High School.

Topeka (66614): Tanner Reece, son of Michael Reece and Ginger Oroke, Topeka, Washburn Rural High School.

Topeka (66618): Gregory Kenyon, son of Greg and Maryann Kenyon, Topeka, Seaman High School.

Yeongtong, South Korea: Seonyeong Ha.

About KAMS:
The Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science is an early-entry-to-college program that focuses on advanced mathematics. While studying at KAMS, students live on campus in a residence hall with other KAMS students from across Kansas and around the world. Over the course of two years, students take 68 hours of college credit. These college classes are taken alongside traditional college undergraduates and taught by college professors, simultaneously contributing to the students' high school and college graduation requirements.

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