Poster winners announced from scholarly, creative activities day

05/13/15 lar
Eighteen Fort Hays State University students and faculty members recently received awards for their research poster presentations at the John Heinrichs Scholarly and Creative Activities Day.

Nearly 120 posters were exhibited featuring work from the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business and Entrepreneurship, the College of Education and Technology and the College of Health and Life Sciences.

Categories for awards were divided by classification and by empirical and non-empirical research.

The winning posters in each category are:

Undergraduate Student, Non-Empirical:
1. Rebekah Strand, a Loveland, Colo., senior majoring in teacher education, "Global Preparation: Fulfilling Kansas Diversity Needs."
2. Desirea Renz, a Hays senior majoring in nursing, "Code Status: Rapid Identification at the Bedside."
3. Allison Straub, a Hays student majoring in nursing, "Insulin Administration: Replacement of Multi-Dose Vials with Insulin Pens."

Undergraduate Student, Empirical:
1. Wenkai Shu, a Guangzhou, China, Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science student, "The Effects of Red Wiggler Worms' (Eisenia Fetida) Food Types on the pH Level of Soil."
2. Isamar Vasquez, a Wray, Colo., senior majoring in nursing, "The Soothing Effects of a Maternal Heartbeat."
3. Ryan Steinert, a Concordia senior majoring in chemistry, "Synthesis and Characterization of New Photoactive and Solvatochromic Retinoid/Carotenoid-Based Complexes of Rhenium (I)."

Graduate Student, Non-Empirical:
1. Mohammed Alsahli, a psychology major, "Understanding the Difference in Perceptual Processing Between Native and Non-Native English Speaker Using the Phonemic Restoration Paradigm."
2. Logan Howell, a Yorktown, Va., geosciences major, "The Use of ArcGIS Overlay Analysis in Prospecting for Coal Bed Uranium."
3. David Nations, an Alma geosciences major, "Exploring the Use of Wildlife Corridors to Mitigate Deer-Related Accidents on Interstate 70 in Ellis County, Kansas."

Graduate Student, Empirical:
1. Andrew Christiano, a Vancouver, Wash., geosciences major, "A stratigraphic Description of Cambrian-Pennsylvanian Deposits Using Geophysical Well Logs -- Well Cutting Analysis".
2. Kasandra Brown, a Hays biology major, "The Tarnished Penny: An Insight into Occupancy Modeling on a Refuge-Based Scale."
3. Mitchell Meyer, a Hays biology major, "Black-Footed Ferret (Mustela nigripes) Dispersion in Western Kansas."

Faculty/Staff, Non-Empirical:
1. Dr. Jean Gleichsner, associate professor of agriculture, "Protecting Water Quality -- Spreading the Message."
2. Dr. James Ward, assistant professor of management and marketing, "Teaching Internal Corporate Communication to Enable Change."
3. Garrett Steede, livestock judging coach, "Do It For The Vine: Micro-Vlogging for Review and Reflection in an Introductory Agriculture Course."

Faculty/Staff, Empirical:
1. Dr. Emily Breit, chair and assistant professor of the Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting, "Predicting Freshmen Retention at U.S. Colleges and Universities."
2. Dr. Laura Wilson, assistant professor of geosciences, "Osteohistologic Insight into Pteranodon Ontogeny."
3. Dr. Jill Arensdorf, chair and associate professor of the Department of Leadership Studies, "The Social and Psychological Benefits of Living and Learning Communities."

Named after the late Dr. John Heinrichs, who championed research at FHSU, Scholarly and Creative Activities Day was created to celebrate the research and other scholary and creative work conducted in the university. It is sponsored by the FHSU Scholarship Environment Committee, with support from the Office of the Provost, the deans, and the Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects.

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