Professional business society at Fort Hays State celebrates 50th anniversary with fundraiser

05/14/15 hb/kb/sry
Alpha Kappa Psi celebrated 50 years at Fort Hays State University with a fundraiser bringing in $5,327 to help financially support students wanting to attend the AKPsi Principled Business Leadership Institute and AKPsi Convention. One hundred and thirty alumni, faculty, honorary, student members and guests attended the event, raising $550 in silent auction proceeds and $5,327 in cash donations.

"Due to registration and travel costs of attending PBLI and the convention, a limited number of the organization's members are able to attend the events," said Cole Engel. Engel serves FHSU students as an instructor for the Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting and advisor for Alpha Kappa Psi.

Currently, FHSU's Zeta Pi chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi has 45 active members and 25 pledges.

"Alpha Kappa Psi is the platform that has provided me with the resources to succeed in college," said Ulises Gonzalez, Garden City junior and president-elect of the Student Government Association. "With great brothers by my side and other awesome resources, being in college has been more than I could have ever asked for. If there is one decision that I will never regret, it would be the decision of joining this group of individuals who inspire me to be a better person every day."

"Whether learning how to better our chapter, how to motivate and lead others, or how to identify our own individual strengths and weaknesses, every person on our trip took away a wealth of knowledge," said Reed Tevault, Lenexa senior. "PBLI was truly a life-changing experience that taught me a ton and will continue to benefit me as I apply the experience to my professional career."

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