FHSU professor recognized for outstanding webtext

Fields, Amanda-web

05/24/16 sds
Dr. Amanda Fields, assistant professor of English at Fort Hays State University, recently received the 2016 Kairos Best Webtext Award for best academic webtext published in the previous academic year.

Judges praised Fields' webtext, "Performing Urgency: Slamming and Spitting as Critical and Creative Responses to State Crisis," for it's engaging nature and, as one judge said, "the ways it rewards deep exploration through its winding paths of text, image and video."

The work was recognized at the 2016 Computers and Writing Conference in Rochester, N.Y.

The text focuses on the possibilities of youth slam poetry through the Tucson Youth Poetry slam. Research focused on the ways that slam performance contains potential for responses to and movements against regressive contexts.

Fields collaborated with Londie T. Martin, Adela C. Licona and Elizabeth H. Tilley.

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